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our rolls hit different


let's avo-cuddle roll

Cause we all need a little more avocuddling. All the avocado lovers out there, this roll is for you. Creamy avocado, flavor packed sun dried tomato, red onion, and herbaceous cilantro (coriander).


hawai'ian roll

This fun and twist of cheesy mozzarella, ham, and pineapple. Yes, pineapples belong in egg rolls too.


in & out roll

A cheese burger roll, you read that right! All American cheese, beef, and grilled onion comes together to this full-bodied roll.


shrimply irresistible roll

A delectable roll with a fresh shrimp wrapped in an aromatic basil and a crispy wrap.


b.a.e roll

Be my B.A.E. Bacon And Egg (period).


yes please roll

This is not just any traditional Vietnamese egg roll, but so much more. Before biting into the Yes Please, you immediately smell the fragrant pork, sweet shrimp, and veggies. Then your eyes will be rolling back.


pig out roll

Smoky kailua pork wrapped in a crispy roll. Say less.


holy krab roll

Holy Krab is what we all scream after taking a bite of these crab rangoons. The herb infused cream cheese with a hearty amount of krab delights the soul for the seafood lovers out there.


coming soon


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